This lab exam from Cisco called the CCIE lab exam is a part of the certifcation process which is a hands-on practical exam which is to be cleared within a span of 8 hrs.The stsudents are put to test in oreder to evaluate their practical troubleshooting and management skills of the network.They are given point values and criteria based on which they need to work out things and get a desired outcome.

Prerequisites for Lab Examination
There is only one lab exam prerequisite that requires the candidates to have cracked the written exam which is a 2 hr test and consists of 90-110 questions.

guratLab Question Format
The lab test is divided into two types.They are:

1.Troubleshooting part-2hrs.

2.Configuring part-6hrs.

Under these two sections, the students are given hypothetical scenarios which they need to solve within the given duration.

Environment of the lab exam
The lab exam is designed to replicate the actual lab scenario and hence takes all the necessary steps to incorporate the usage of different real time Cisco equipments to attempt the lab test. During the exam, no student is allowed to carry any external material and they are provided with a CD of documentation for their convenience and they are allowed to access the contents based on index only and no direct access to a specific topic is allowed during the exam.

Criterion for grading
The training scenarios set by the students are graded and evaluated by proctors through tools and evaluators and details such as configurations are evaluated manually by proctors.

The results are out 48 hrs after the completion and are followed by instructions for scope of improvement for the students based on their scores.

Exam Fees
The lab exam fees comes to around $1500 and this doesn’t include travelling and accomodation.Sometimes this fee structure might change without any prior intimation.The students are required to crack the lab scenarios in a given set time as it would prepare them for real time challenges increasing their speed and expertise.

The fees for the written exam is $300.Both these skills can be acquired by the support and guidance of expert and experienced training professionals.